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United Nations organisation (UNO) deserves our accolade for being a platform for nations to discuss and find solutions to the world’s diverse problems. We reasoned that had it mean that such a platform does not exist the world would have been in utter disarray.

Unfortunately, there are countless people and communities in the world that know next to nothing about the importance of UNO. Unodays project is just out to raise awareness on the roles of UN among people and local communities around the world that know little or nothing about UNO. We hope to achieve this through our volunteers’ press cuttings, clips of video and audio news etc. obtained from various local communities’ media germane to the various objectives of UN days which would be posted here and during any of the days UNO commemorates we shall present a summary of news reports that volunteers have posted in our blog (later website) thereby raising awareness about what UNO has done and been doing.

We hope to achieve this by organising seminars, workshop, and conferences whichever we found appropriate through face to face or online meetings. Our target audiences are local community people, pupils and students of schools and Universities. During this time we hope to give support (e.g. scholarships) to University students, pupils of schools and victim of e.g. domestic violence in a locality on the day we are joining UNO to commemorate.

A number of opportunities are available for those who want to work with us. See below some of them and you could write through the address below for additional roles.

Volunteer reporter- This category of volunteer which could be anyone and do not need to forward a formal application for consideration but will search news items from their country of residence as published in newspapers or website of newspapers or/and newsmagazines and will either post scanned copies of press cuttings (which do not have to be a full story) or/and post a summary of the news reported with a web link to where the news was published here

Volunteer Advisory Board member(application required- To: The Director, unodays project, C/o Olubodun, O.J. University of Lagos, CMUL., P.M.B 12003, Lagos Nigeria; email: unodays@gmail.com Tel:+2348066389422, Skype:olufemi.olubodun
Board members shall be invited to give talks and address member of the public, University students etc when UN days are being celebrated through either online facilities or offline arrangement. Members shall be invited to visit countries where unodays project will hold an event from time to time.
Main speakers at unodays events shall be paid an honorarium and the cost of travel and accommodation shall be funded where applicable but subject to availability of funds.

Thank you for your interest in unodays project blog
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Lagos Yellow buses and their Menace

The picture of the bus above shows an example of the yellow buses that ply Lagos metropolis. The sight is not only not befitting but badly constructed for human safety. Unfortunately, a bar of iron was constructed across the windows and one wonders what happens in an emergency. The interior speaks volumes about safety as iron bars and wood were everywhere in the name of seat for human beings to use for a journey that sometimes can last three (3) to four (4) hours. The red mark is pointing at the iron bar that was placed across the window. It has become normal that passengers stand at the entrance to these buses- This is abnormal even though it is seen and accepted as normal in Lagos metropolis. If not normal why do these buses go free everyday without law enforcement challenging this act and many more traffic laws that are violated everyday.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vietnam Law against freedom

Vietnam online law comes into force http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-23920541
It is unfortunate that an autocratic law of this type should be allowed by the Vietnamese government.

If you gag freedom for awhile it will wait to hunt you sooner than later

Monday, August 19, 2013


Today marks world humanitarian day and we at unodays celebrate with the United Nations as she identifies with the needy in all the societies of the world. In line with our objective programmes will soon be rolled out in future to join the UN in meeting the needs of the poor during celebration in a day like this.

Happy celebration

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Some policemen are robbers, extortionists – AIG"

See below a copy of news item by Punch newspaper in Nigeria about policemen. Are policemen in other parts of the world be described this way? If not why is ours like this. I salute the courage of the AIG for saying the truth. Only very few Nigeria leader will say this. I pray he will not be 'punished' for the truth. Please enjoy this truth which we could all bear witnesses to but lacked the courage to stand up to the truth-the very reason Nigerians are suffering in the hands of the greedy and uncaring leaders: The Assistant Inspector-General of a Police, Zone 6 Command, Mr. Jonathan Johnson, has said many Nigerian police officers lose their lives daily because of their involvement in illegal activities. Johnson said this during his visit to Akwa Ibom State Police Command in Uyo on Tuesday. He said, “If you investigate our men, you will discover they are armed robbers. They are not contented with what they have. “We go to the road to extort money from people, engage in illegal business, and liaise with armed robbers.” The AIG warned that if any police officer was caught in any criminal acts, they would be dismissed. The AIG said, “No criminal has lived in his criminality and has never been caught. “If you want to live in palava, you will die in palava.” He alleged that police officers sold ammunition to criminals, aiding and abetting, manipulating cases, conniving with suspects and conspired with criminals. He said corruption was rampant in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Force. Johnson alleged that police officers supplied information to hoodlums, which aided the criminals to be able to kill policemen. He revealed that it was a policeman that gave information to a community in Nasarawa State, which led to the hoodlums killing over 60 policemen. He stated that police officers also became security guards for individuals and corporate bodies without any authority assigning them to the beat. “The police officers turn themselves to security guards for individuals and corporate organisations without any one assigning them. “They also go on illegal duty for the purpose of extorting money from drivers and motorists,” he said. He stated that the police officers would not want to pay for the houses they lived. Johnson stated that these attributes had worked against the police as the public no longer had respect for the police. He said, “We have turned tyrannical to the public, that is why we receive condemnation everywhere we go.” Source:http://www.punchng.com/news/ome-policemen-are-robbers-extortionists-aig/ .Aug14th 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

American War Veterans are Lucky

Where are Nigerian war veterans, wasting on the queue for their pension. Nigeria please borrow a leaf from this.
When last did government of Nigeria talked about our retirees. The last was that the man who embezzled their pension has been bailed from detention.

Sent from the CNN App for Android Obama addresses veterans' concerns http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/10/us/obama-veterans/index.html

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fallout of unemployment situation in Nigeria

It is unfortunate that unemployment situation in Nigeria has worsened to the extent that PhD holders that our Universities are in dire need of are about being considered for truck driving job with a company in Nigeria. Hunger in the midst of plenty is what I will call it. Whereas a governor recently crashed in his private jet and nobody is asking where did he got the money and which school trained him as a pilot. The commonwealth of the Nigerian people is ending in private pockets while the people suffer. Source: www.vanguardngr.com

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Thank God for another world food day. Developing countries should use this reminder to rescind their greed and help the poor in their great numbers in their midst. They should review their obnoxious policies and for God's help the poor. As vast as the uncultivated land in Nigeria we still import almost 70% of food that feed the populace in a relatively highly resourced society like Nigeria. We hope this should change with the world food day reminder.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Corruption In Nigeria

It is amazing that agencies of Nigerian governemnt collude with each other to defraud the Nigerian people.
This report 

Children Day Celebration

Today marks children day celebration. We at Unodays rejoice with children around the world and those who joined in this celebration.
We are saying...
There should be more spaces for children to determine how they learn. Teachers could suggest but should at best lead the students to decide on how to learn. Technology or no technology they should decide

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Compliment of the season and a prosperous 2012

To all of you that stayed glued to this blog for information and have continuosly find it useful we send out hearty greetings to you in this festive season.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The world is reeling under the weight of unemployment

Unemployment problems cut across international boundaries and world leaders are grappling with the best idea that will help mitigate this 'scourge'. North, south, east or west the problem persisted. This is often confirmed by ILO in her different publications on unemployment rates worldwide. Find below a website that employs internet technology to help resolve job search across 45+ countries and to help job seekers to conveniently find their dream jobs: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Chilie, China Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zeland, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia , South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey , Venezuela, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States Jooble is highly recommended as a job search engine to find a job as it has more than 250 web-sites in its search results with all possible types of jobs. We continue expanding our job database and every day Jooble has more than 100,000 of new job adverts. You may use advanced search in Jooble and specify particular key words, location (city, state), salary ranges, date posted and many other options. Moreover, you may subscribe to our free mailing list. You will receive the latest job offers daily to your e-mail by the particular keyword you choose. It will speed up your chances to find your dream job. So just feel free to subscribe to our mailing list if you wish to get only the best job announcements. To subscribe to the mailing list just simply go to any of the English speaking country you prefer: Australia Canada India Nigeria United States United Kingdom Just Jooble to find your dream job in just few clicks! Account Manager Tel: +44-(0)-800-098-8516 E-mail: sl@jooble.com Skype: serge.lavange www.jooble.org

Sunday, October 16, 2011

September 11 is here again

September eleven 2001 was a black day in American history and indeed the whole world when over three thousand people died due to the callousness of a group named al-Qaeda. Today we commiserate with the families of people that lost their love ones. I am however baffled by the number of years it took American nation to track down the ring leader of the twin tower disaster. I ask myself that indeed the only one almighty is God who cannot be beaten. It shocked the whole world that this could happen in America who was tag the policeman of the world. More so that it took America a decade to get the hench man down.

World handwashing day is 15th October 2011

We at unodays joined the rest of the world in celebrating this important health promoting celebration.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

12th September is world oral health day

The world will be celebrating world oral health day on the 12th September. We at unodays project join the United Nations organisation's arm world health organisation () in this year celebration

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UN House Bombing in Abuja Nigeria-23 confirmed dead

Channel television news, a local television station in Nigeria confirmed twenty three (23) dead in the recent bombing of the UN headquarters in Abuja Nigeria. Most of those wounded are already flown out of Nigeria for better treatment.

UN House Bombing in Abuja Nigeria

The 26th of August bombing of the UN house in Abuja shows a great surprise on how much the mission of United Nations is misconstrued. The unodays project in the years to come shall promote the mission of UN through the marking of her various days in the grassroots. We commiserate with the families of those that lost their life and those wounded. We wish them quick recovery.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Giving a hand to ailing medical sector in Nigeria

Comment: The NHIS has not been able to resolve a number of questions and the health bill is already laced with controversies from onset. How could the masses get services with the present constraints.

Source: The Punch

''The late Ulli Beier'' The passage was unnoticed

Source: PM News

''75% Primary School Teachers In Kano Unqualified''

Comment: This is the real problem behind dwindling standard of education in Nigeria. Why are are they unqualified? Poorly trained.

Islamic Banking: A time bomb in Nigeria.

Comment: A lot of disharmonious commentaries on Islamic banking in Nigeria. Nigeria is polarised along many lines but the most violent is religion. Boko Haram is very fresh with us. This is definitely a wrong time to introduce Islamic banking in Nigeria. The CBN governor should have called it non-interest banking from onset but he was very aggressive about it. He urged anyone who has contrary view to go to court. This explains that there is a bad motive that is yet to be revealed.

Source: The Punch

''Nigerian Jailed in UK for Human Trafficking''

Comment: I was on a flight to Nigeria (mostly Nigerians on-board) from Joburg South Africa and sited beside me was a white young man who was working with his phone. I noticed that each time I looked at his direction he turns the screen away, apparently to prevent me from seeing what he was doing. I do not blame him because he was doing so because of what he probably have heard about Nigerians. This is another news that may 'help' this kind of people.
Source: PMNews

Sudan Crises

Source: Silverbird TV


Comment: In this modern society?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

''Chinese Cocaine Importer Convicted''

Comment: I hope Nigerian National Drug Laws Enforcement Agency will see this as a wake up call. Nigeria is gradaully growing as a destination for illicit drug trade.
Source: PM News

Monday, July 11, 2011

UNFPA's programs


Comment: ''UNFPA's programs help women deliver healthy babies and survive
delivery, enable couples to determine the number and spacing of their
children, and prevents the spread of HIV and AIDS and other sexually
transmitted infections. It also promotes gender equality and combats
violence against women.''
You are encouraged to help safe the women from HIV and AIDS etc. Please view the link above for further details.

''More Syria deaths as half a million flood Hama''

''US breached International law in Mexican execution''

Source: The Punch

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Comment: When I read about Doctors in Nigeria not having facilities to work with the question that keep coming to my mind is how were the Nigerian doctors trained? If there are no facilities to work with where are the facilities used in training them in the first place since most of our teaching hospitals where they work are the best places for training and  treatment. The rich still run to India for treatment but the poor has no option. I find these claims difficult to fit into my understanding

Source: The Punch.

''UN to send 7,000 peacekeepers to S. Sudan''

Comment: We just hope this will work out and congratulations to the UN and all that worked to make this happen 'peacefully'.

Source: The Punch

Friday, July 8, 2011

''75%Primary School Teachers in Kano unqualified''

Comment: In Nigeria each state has what is called State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB). Among other things this body is responsible for regulation of education standards across schools in each state. The above report asserted the fact that education standard in Nigerian schools is fallen and the 13% budgetary allocation to education in the present 2011 government spending is not only inadequate but will not help the country out of her present level.
Source: PM News

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dual Sims: Do we need them?

Comment: I read in a Nigerian press that the Ghanian are pushing for a 'universal' sim which will enable users to migrate to any network i.e. service provider of his choice at will. What happens that we could not have same in Nigeria rather than two sims that continue to tie us to GSM service providers?

Source: The Punch

Security: ''Monitor your home with motion-sensing bulbs''

Comment: Recently Nigeria has had a number of bomb explosions which has posed a lot of questions. Suddenly security matters that were once treated with levity now receive attention. The attitude of our leaders at almost all levels of government is to allow some problems to arise and escalate before they could gain attention.

Source: The Punch

Can Nigeria National Health Insurance Scheme help poor diabetes patients?

Comment: Yes Nigeria may not be hardest hit but the few number still suffer pains of negligence from a health system that does not consider the poor.

Source: The Punch

Electricity Tariff: When it becomes convenient to ignore the yearning of the people

Comment: It is very conveneint for governent in Nigeria to ignore the yearnings and pains of the people. At last the new hiked electricity tariff which the director described as routine will take effect this month(July2011). In our homes there is no electricity but bills keep come every month for what we did not use.

Source: The Punch

''The Abiye Programme: From Akure to Washington''

Comment:This article highlighted important factors that will help Abiye programme survive and serve its purposes namely: 'visionary leadership, political will... clear job description etc. One big factor is missing- The health workers which include the doctors are not cohesive. There is no unity within the medical and dental teams. A lot of intrigues pervade the whole place. This is an in-house thing and it is killing the system. Until government takes time to study the health system and desist from divide and rule approach the health system will continue to fail no matter the billion of dollar money pumped into it. Does this exist in American system?

Source: The Punch

Nigerian Bottling Company, Bottler of Coca-cola soft drink brand employs casual workers and pay less than $3/day

Comment: I have some questions. Does this complies with international labour law which a multinational company like NBC suppose to know? Can Nigerian government claim ignorance, if no what have they done since this report. The practice here in this part of Africa is for government to look the other way while foreign companies exploit the poor populace.

Source: The Punch

''2.5 Million Somalis need emergency humanitarian aid-UN''

Comment: News of war pervades the world today as if there is no end to it. Poor Somalis are in no doubt the hardest hit by all of this. How could the world leaders help bring an end to wars everywhere? The middle east is indeed a troubled region as at today. The United Nations is indeed overwhelmed by all these humanitarian needs although doing its best but... I just hope the wars will stop.

Source: The Punch

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sea Transportation

Source: The Punch

''Butchers return to filthy ways''

Comment: When the present government in Lagos State in Nigeria came to power in over four years ago the use of motor bike to convey beef meat from slaughter spots to the market was replaced by meat van. Unfortunately, butchers have returned to their old practice. How could healthy foods reach the populace because this is how other farm produces are conveyed to the end users. There is a tradition of unhealthy handling of products meant for human consumption in Nigeria especially in the cities.

Source: PM News

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

''At 40, Is email's Grip Coming To An End?''

Comment:''With more than 500 million active Facebook users spending 700 billion minutes per month on the site, and more than 200 million people tweeting, email's grip on our personal lives may well be coming to an end''

Source: PM News