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United Nations organisation (UNO) deserves our accolade for being a platform for nations to discuss and find solutions to the world’s diverse problems. We reasoned that had it mean that such a platform does not exist the world would have been in utter disarray.

Unfortunately, there are countless people and communities in the world that know next to nothing about the importance of UNO. Unodays project is just out to raise awareness on the roles of UN among people and local communities around the world that know little or nothing about UNO. We hope to achieve this through our volunteers’ press cuttings, clips of video and audio news etc. obtained from various local communities’ media germane to the various objectives of UN days which would be posted here and during any of the days UNO commemorates we shall present a summary of news reports that volunteers have posted in our blog (later website) thereby raising awareness about what UNO has done and been doing.

We hope to achieve this by organising seminars, workshop, and conferences whichever we found appropriate through face to face or online meetings. Our target audiences are local community people, pupils and students of schools and Universities. During this time we hope to give support (e.g. scholarships) to University students, pupils of schools and victim of e.g. domestic violence in a locality on the day we are joining UNO to commemorate.

A number of opportunities are available for those who want to work with us. See below some of them and you could write through the address below for additional roles.

Volunteer reporter- This category of volunteer which could be anyone and do not need to forward a formal application for consideration but will search news items from their country of residence as published in newspapers or website of newspapers or/and newsmagazines and will either post scanned copies of press cuttings (which do not have to be a full story) or/and post a summary of the news reported with a web link to where the news was published here

Volunteer Advisory Board member(application required- To: The Director, unodays project, C/o Olubodun, O.J. University of Lagos, CMUL., P.M.B 12003, Lagos Nigeria; email: unodays@gmail.com Tel:+2348066389422, Skype:olufemi.olubodun
Board members shall be invited to give talks and address member of the public, University students etc when UN days are being celebrated through either online facilities or offline arrangement. Members shall be invited to visit countries where unodays project will hold an event from time to time.
Main speakers at unodays events shall be paid an honorarium and the cost of travel and accommodation shall be funded where applicable but subject to availability of funds.

Thank you for your interest in unodays project blog
We are open to suggestion and will like to hear from you soon.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vietnam Law against freedom

Vietnam online law comes into force http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-23920541
It is unfortunate that an autocratic law of this type should be allowed by the Vietnamese government.

If you gag freedom for awhile it will wait to hunt you sooner than later

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